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Puntland State ready to talk with Feds

Garowe (SD)-President of the Puntland Regional State, Said Deni, has affirmed his readiness to engage in comprehensive and constructive talks with the Federal Government of Somalia regarding critical national issues concerning the country’s future.

President Deni emphasized the importance of resolving political differences through dialogue and mutual understanding, while also emphasizing respect for the country’s constitution.

Furthermore, Deni underscored the necessity of ensuring that the country’s affairs are managed by constitutional principles, cautioning against any attempts to undermine the nation’s sovereignty and constitutional order.

“Puntland is committed to ensuring that the country’s affairs are managed by the constitution,” said President Deni.

His remarks come in the wake of recent statements by the federal government of Somalia indicating a willingness to resolve outstanding issues with Puntland and to resume stalled development projects in the region.

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