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Puntland: there will be SSC-Khatumo representatives in Parliament

GAROWE (SD) -The government of Puntland has officially responded and clarified its position regarding the decision of the traditional elders and leaders of the newly established SSC-Khatumo admin on the electoral process in Puntland.

Puntland’s Minister of Justice, Mohamed Abdulwahab Ahmed, who issued a statement yesterday, emphasized that the government is committed to respecting the decision of the elders of Khatumo, while also confirming that the government will ensure that the election process in Puntland proceeds smoothly under the law and that the elected representatives from SSC-Khatumo will be included.

The Minister also highlighted the importance of the participation and cooperation of SSC-Khatumo in the electoral process, emphasizing that both sides will work together to achieve a resolution in line with the constitution and the electoral system to ensure a peaceful and democratic election in the region.

This response indicates that the Puntland government is ready to forge ahead with an election process that includes SSC-Khatumo representatives.

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