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Ramla Ali a Somali Female Boxer to make history in Tokyo

London (SD) – Ramla Ali, a Somali woman currently living in the UK, confirmed she will compete in the World Olympic Games in boxing.

Ramla, 31, confirmed on Twitter that she would be competing in the Olympics.

Ramla Ali will be the first Somali woman to ever excel in boxing with a 3-0 record which is an excellent record of her career.

Ramla moved to London as a refugee as a teenager and began learning the sport at that time.

“I want to be a world champion,” she told reporters recently. Adding “I hope when I do that people will have a positive view of Somalia.”.

Another Somali girl, Munira Warasme, will also be at the Tokyo Olympics competing in Taekwondo.

The World Olympic Games will be held in Japan this year, and preparations are underway with the participation of hopefuls from around the world.

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