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Residents of 3 districts in Puntland to elect local councilors today

Garowe (SD) – Three districts in Puntland State of Somalia are queuing up today to elect their local Councilors in one person one vote.

This election will take place in the three districts of Qardho, Eyl and Ufeyn.

There are 8 political parties running in the local council elections: Kaah, Mideeye, Horseed, Justice and Equality, Runcad, Mustaqbal, Ifiye and Shaqalaha.

A total of 449 candidates are vying for the 87 local council seats in the three districts.

Qardho district is contesting for 33 seats, Eyl district is contesting 27 seats and Ufeyn district is contesting 27 seats.

The total number of people expected to cast their ballots in tomorrow’s election is 37,578.

Voters will cast their ballots at total of 54 polling stations in all three districts.

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