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Resolve your differences to hold peaceful elections – EU tells Somali leaders

MOGADISHU (SD) – The EU has urged on President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed and Prime Minister Roble to bring to an end the current political stand-off amid the political tensions over ahead of the presidential elections.

In a statement, EU has warned further delay of the upcoming elections, saying the electoral process must continue to move forward peacefully, in line with the previously agreed timetable of 27 May.

“This is key for the wellbeing of the Somali population. All Somali stakeholders must exercise maximum restraint for the overall stability of Somalia and the region,” the statement said.

The same concern was echoed by UN which called on Somali leaders to iron out the differences saying Somalia´s worsening political crisis could threaten long-delayed national elections and further destabilize the east Africa region.

During emergence session by UN security council members, Britain´s U.N. Ambassador Barbara Woodward expressed serious concern about “the rising tensions between the prime minister and the president.”

Woodward said the increasing tensions have implications for the electoral process and could lead to a constitutional crisis on top of the country´s other challenges from Al-Shabab extremists to famine, locusts and hunger.

The ambassador said the Security Council should keep up pressure to put the electoral process back on track and “to see the prime minister and the president resolve their differences quickly … to ensure the security, peace and stability Somalia needs.”

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