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Russian Diplomats Arrived Hargeisa On Saturday

HARGEISA (SD) – According to reliable sources, a Russian airline carrying diplomats landed at Hargeisa International Airport on Saturday.

The plane reportedly took off from the capital Moscow and passed through Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates, arrived in Hargeisa early Saturday morning.

The purpose of the Russian diplomat’s arrival in Somaliland is not yet known, but some sources they are to hold talks with the Somaliland government, although it is not clear what the talks are about.

However, the visit of the Russian delegation to Hargeisa comes at a time when the world is paying attention to Somaliland, and its efforts to gain recognition are intensifying.

The international media has previously reported that it is interested in establishing a base in Somaliland, Russian need is exacerbated after the Sudanese government said it was reviewing an agreement with Russia to set up a military base there, prompting Russia to consider a replacement for Sudan.

The visit of the Russian diplomats comes at a time when international community’s interest in Somaliland has risen due to competing strategic interest in Africa.

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