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Security operations launched in Bossaso, after explosions

BOSSASO (SD) – Puntland security forces are conducting a major operation in Bossaso, the regional capital of Bari region, following a series of grenade attacks in the city.

Reports say troops have expanded into several neighborhoods in Bossaso, and launched an investigation to find the perpetrators of the bombings.

Security officials said investigations were ongoing and would update the public at the end of the current operation.

The two recent blasts targeted two companies in the center of Bossaso, the commercial capital of Puntland state.

The first bomb was hurled at the headquarters of Al-Najah, injuring one person, the second blast hit a compound owned by another company called Muwafaq, but caused no damage security officials confirmed.

Bossaso has recently been rocked by insecurity in is a city where elections are scheduled to take place.

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