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Sheikh Sharif: “We warn against illegal extensions

Mogadishu (SD)- Former Somali President and Chairman of the Union of Candidates Sharif Sheikh Ahmed in a press conference late last night in Mogadishu warned against any attempt to illegally extend the expired terms for the President and the federal legislature.

Sheikh Sharif described it as unfortunate that the presidency is trying to use the armed forces for an illegal term extension, leading to a return to the terrible past.

“I believe it is a national betrayal that instead of reaching an agreement on elections, the government is seeking a term extension, we are telling the outgoing government leadership, you have gone astray, come back, and do not lead Somalia back to where it came from, ”said Sheikh Sharif at a press conference tonight.

He added: “This country cannot tolerate term extensions and electoral fraud, economically, politically and security-wise, It is a country whose governance is still in its infancy, we need to think about the consequences of the reckless actions of our predecessors.”

Sheikh Sharif’s statement comes as the Federal Parliament will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow, following a text message to lawmakers indicating a motion on national elections.

Sources close to lawmakers supporting Villa Somalia say there are plans for a two-year extension.

Sheikh Sharif said the Somali people, the federal member states, and the international community should know that the consequences of the extension will not be shared with former leaders who have failed to deliver on their promises.

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