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Singer Halimo Gobaad Gets Married Then Quits Singing

Stockholm (SD) – Famous Somali singer Halimo Mohamed Ahmed (Halimo Gobaad) who dominated the limelight in recent years has announced that she has quit singing and her artistic career.

In a statement posted on her Facebook page, Singer Halimo Gobaad announced that she decided to stop singing altogether, and appealed to her fans to support her.

“Bismilah, when I saw that this world is just few days, and I remembered the Prophets Hadith (PBUH), if you are in the evening, do not wait for the dawn to come. If you are in the morning, do not wait for the evening, thus, I have decided to give up singing, my honorable supporters, I hope you will support me, it is important for me. God willing, ” said Halimo Gobaad.

Singer Halimo Gobaad is credited as one of the young Somali female artists that modernized Somali music.

Halimo Gobaad’s decision to quit singing comes just days after she got married, and has been widely welcomed by many of her fans.

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