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SNA kill 41 Al-Shabaab fighters in foiled attack in Somalia central

Somalia has said Al-Shabaab suffered huge blows and lost up to 41 fighters during the attack Wisil town of Mudug regio

Deputy Information Minister, Abdirahman Yusuf Al-Adala has praised the people and the administration of Wisil town for successfully warding off Al-Shabaab’s planned attack to take control of the town.

Al-Adala said the government had taken immediate action to help the people of Wisil, who showed courage and resisted attempts by the terrorists to attack their town.

“The government, while appreciating the people of Wisil for their strong resistance, has taken immediate steps to provide relief to civilians affected by the attack and explosives planted by the Al-Shabaab insurgents,” Al Cadaala has said. 

The government has also strongly condemned the attack and sent its condolences to families of those killed in the early morning raid by Al-Shabaab.

In a statement posted on its affiliate media, al-Shabaab claimed have killed more than 34 Somali soldiers in fighting.

Wisil town is located in northwest of the port town of Hobyo town, which is approximately 857 kilometers (532 miles) from Mogadishu.

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