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Social media having a field day with Delegates electing Northern MP’s

Mogadishu (SD) – Pictures of some of the Somaliland delegates electing members of the Upper House of the Somali Parliament have been widely discussed on social media.

The pictures showed delegate voters waring several Face-Mask, and face and head coverings.

There are various interpretations of this, and some people fear that the presence of a non-Somaliland delegate is hidden, so that their faces are not identified.

There has been multiple speculations, with some saying the delegates were not from Somaliland, thus concealing their faces from being recognized.

Others explained, that the delegates feared arrest upon their return to Somaliland due to their involvement in electoral matters in Somalia.

There are others who believe that there may be security fears that Al Shabaab will target the delegation if their faces are identifiable.


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