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Somali Cabinet acknowledges sacked PM hard work

Mogadishu (SD) – Acting Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Gulled chaired the first cabinet meeting since the no confidence vote in Parliament.

The cabinet discussed Issues such as international intervention, security issues and parliamentary action against the Kheyre government.

The cabinet statement was in response to strong calls from the United States and the European Union addressed to the president and parliament. Criticizing PM Kheyre’s dismissal.

The Council of Ministers called on Somalia’s friends and the international community to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and to provide all possible advice to the government through diplomatic channels.

Statements from the European Union, the US government and IGAD has expressed concern about the way the Federal Parliament of Somalia sacked PM Kheyre and the president accepted.

Meanwhile, the cabinet discuss COVID-19 related issues and re-opening the shut down services. The Council also commended the hard work of Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre.

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