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Somali Declared to be the Business Language in Jigjiga

Jigjiga (SD) – The government of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia has ordered all businesses operating in the regional state to change their signage to Somali language.

Currently, the regional states business signages are in Amharic, though the overwhelming majority of the population of the regional state citizens are and speak Somalia.

Businesses were given A 45-day deadline to comply with the new bylaw set forth by the Jigjiga administration.

Businesses are allowed to write any other language at the bottom of their signage, but at the top, only Somali language is allowed moving forward.

The Jigjiga administration has taken the step in order to improve and preserve the Somali heritage and language in Ethiopia.

The Somali Regional State is the fourth most populated state in Ethiopia, according to a recent censuses.

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