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Somali government opposes African Security Council resolutions

Mogadishu (SD) – At a press conference, the Minister of Information of the Federal Government of Somalia Osman Abukar Dubbe addressed the call from the African Union.

Minister Dubbe said in a press conference that they were previously skeptical of the session chaired by the government of Djibouti and the released communique edited by the Kenyan government.

“The governments of Kenya and Djibouti have put a lot of effort into the decisions of the conference. But I am surprised by the government of Djibouti actions as there was a rift between them and the Kenyan government,” said Information Minister Dubbe.

Minster Dubbe accused the Djibouti government of “The government of Djibouti is continuing on the bath that we warned of her for the past four years. Djibouti’s seat in the Security Council was reserved for Somalia, but Somalia gave the seat as a brotherly gesture, ”said Dubbe.

However, the Minister of Information said that the government welcomes the appointment of a special envoy to Somalia by the African Union.

The minister said the Somalia did not appreciate the fact that AMISOM troops were told to monitor the movements of Somali forces.

“This is a strange thing and it is illegal. It clearly contradicts the mandate of AMISOM under UN Security Council Resolution 2568,” he added.

Minister Dubbe’s statement comes after a series of statements in recent days by international organizations rejecting the Somali governments term extension.

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