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Somali National killed in South Africa

CAPE TOWN (SD) – Unidentified gunmen have last night killed Somali national in Cape town, the latest string of killings of foreigners in South Africa.

According to witnesses, the gunmen stormed the house of the victim identified as Hussein Dahir Afrah in in Delft neighbourhood in Cape town.

The assailants robbed the house before killing the victim.

The police who reached the scene launched investigation into the murder of Hussein but arrested nobody.

In recent years, dozens of Somali traders had been killed xenophobic attacks carried by  South Africans who often accuse foreigners of taking their jobs, a reason they often use to justify attacks against foreigners in South Africa.

For years, South African police have been accused of being complicit in attacks against immigrants, something that prompted many immigrants including Somalis to possess illegal arms in a desperate attempt to defend themselves and their properties against gangs.

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