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Somali opposition condemn gov’t decision hold ‘unilateral’ election

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somali presidential candidates have lambasted the decision by the government to hold unilateral elections in the country.

Following emergency meeting with other presidential candidates, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the predecessor of the incumbent president, vehemently opposed the decision saying the move could jeopardize Country’s unity and stability.

He told the media in Mogadishu that it was unacceptable to hold a non-exclusive election in the country and bypassing the constitution.

Mohamud accused the federal government of dragging its feet to implement 17-September deal between the government and regional states over the electoral process.

“The Somali people must know that the reason why the deal isn’t being honoured is because of the federal government,” he told the reporters.

He blamed Farmajo government for deploying troops in Hiiraan region, saying the move is meant to rig the elections and could cause another political impasse.

“They are the ones responsible for dispatching federal troops to regional states, and actively trying to subvert the political process in the name of President Farmaajo,” Mohamud stated.

The remarks by former president comes hours after Somali government announced that it will go ahead to hold elections.

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