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Somali Parliament recognises MPs elected in Elwaq

MOGADISHU (SD) – The Speakership of the Federal Parliament of Somalia has today reached a final decision on the members of parliament elected in Elwaq and Garbaharey districts of Gedo region.

A statement from the Speakership said that the elected members of Elwaq have been officially recognized as members of the council.

The Speaker of the House of the People stated that their decision is based on the fact that the President of Jubbaland unveiled the election of the members of parliament elected in Elwaq and they have the official certificate of the Federal Electoral Commission.

The Speaker noted that the MPs claiming to have been elected in Garbaharey district do not have the certification of the Federal Indirect Election Implementation Committee, and that their election was not conducted by the State Indirect Election Implementation Committee.

Gedo parliamentary elections originally scheduled for Garbaharey to host were moved to Elwaq after Jubaland said it could not be held there for security reasons.

Where to hold the election of Gedo’s 16 parliamentary seats has been embroiled in controversy for some time, with senior Somali officials divided.

The announcement comes as the May 15, 2022 presidential election campaign in Mogadishu is in full swing.

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