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Somali regional President Mustafe Omar arrives in Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – Officials led by the President of Ethiopia’s Somali region Mustafe Muhumed Omar were warmly welcomed in Somaliland. The purpose of this visit is reportedly to strengthen the cooperative relationship between the two fraternal peoples.

The officials were received at the Ethiopia-Somaliland border by senior officials including Somaliland’s Minister of Interior Mohamed Kahin Abdi and Somaliland’s Minister of Information Saleban Ali Koore.

“You have never been a guest and you have come to your homeland,” said Somaliland’s interior minister.
On his part, the President of the Somali Regional State, Mustafe Muhumed Omar, said the purpose of the visit was to strengthen the brotherly ties between the two peoples.

“Brotherly trade have existed between the two Somali peoples since the pre-modern world, and has deepened in the last three years with democratic and political transformation based on mutual respect, cooperation and brotherhood with the current Somali Regional Government.” Said the President of the Somali Regional State Mustafe Muhumed Omar.

The president continued ” We are in Somaliland, with our brothers, a government we love, should not be affected by the escalating situation in the Horn of Africa, and we are here working to strengthen security. ”

The Somali president’s visit to Somaliland comes at a time when the Ethiopian government is facing strong opposition from TPLF rebels.

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