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Somalia: A former Spy chief Wins a Parliamentary seat

BALEDWEYNE (SD) – Today in Beledweyne, the regional capital of Hiraan, commenced the 11th House of Parliamentary elections in the Hirshabelle region.

The HOP #086 seat has been controversial for the days leading up to the elections taking place today. The seat was contested by Fahad Yasin, the Somali President’s National Security Adviser, and former NISA Director, against Ahmed Dhaga-Caleen.

Fahad Yasin was successful in securing the HOP #086 seat by winning 70 votes, and his opponent Ahmed Dhaga-Caleen, received 24 votes out of the 97 delegates who were voting in the polling station today.

The results of the elections were publicized by the Hirshabelle Electoral Commission, confirming the HOP #086 was secured by the National Security Adviser Fahad Yasin, and he is formally a member of the new house of parliament.

The Prime Minister has previously requested that the Federal Electoral Commission postpone the election for the seat, until the incumbent returns from his medical trip abroad.

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