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Somalia: A Rowdy Puntland Parliament adjourns

Garowe (SD) – Today’s 19th session of the Puntland State House of Representatives was adjourned, due to disruptions.

Puntland Parliament Speaker Abdirashid Yusuf Jibril said in a statement on his Facebook page that the session had been suspended after five members obstructed the parliament’s work.

However, more than 10 members of the Puntland Parliament who held a press conference said that the uproar in parliament began when the speaker refused to resolve some of the council’s grievances.

The parliamentarians accused the speaker of ordering his bodyguards to enter the chamber, as well as turning off the microphones.

The MP’s called on the Puntland government to take over the security of the Puntland Parliament building, which they described as unreliable.

The tumultuous session of the Puntland Parliament initially focused on the accountability of the Cabinet, and was called on Minister of Planning, Economic Development and International Cooperation Abdikafar Elmi Xange to testify.

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