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Somalia: election conflict of northern MP’s resurfaces

Mogadishu (SD) – Members of the committee that oversees the election of seats in both houses of parliament representing Somaliland has met today in Mogadishu and elected a new chairman.

Seven members of the committee elected Khadar Harir Hussein as chairman, while Najib Hussein Samale was elected his deputy.

The FIET Electoral Commission’s Facebook page announced the election, but the electorate did not include those nominated by Speaker of the Upper House Abdi Hashi Abdullahi.

Earlier, there was a suggestion that the chairman should be elected only by the eight members nominated by Abdi Hashi and Mahdi Guled, not those nominated by PM Roble.

However, Of the seven members who elected the chairman, four were nominated by Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled, while the other three were nominated by Prime Minister Roble.

The election conflict between politicians from the North have apparently resurfaced, with election committee members staying at two hotels due to the dispute.

Chairman Abdi Hashi is scheduled to speak to the media later today, and clarify his position on the elected chairman of the committee that manages the election of federal seats from the northern regions.

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