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Somalia: family of a rape victim demands justice

Janale (SD) – The parents of Sahra Ali Mohamud, who died due to a mass rape in Janale, Lower Shabelle region, have vowed not to bury their daughter’s body until justice is served.

An estimated 10 Somali government soldiers are said to have raped the girl last week, she was rushed to the city hospital, but later died of injuries she suffered at the hands of the perpetrators.

The father of the victim demanded that the government arrest the men who raped and murdered his daughter.

“I am a Somali father, I am asking the government to arrest the soldiers who victimised my daughter, and remove men who are protecting the criminals, i demand justice” said the victim’s father, Ali Mohamud.

The rape victim’s mother told local media, that some soldiers were initially arrested for the crime, but were later released, vowing not to bury her daughter until justice is served.

“ We demand Islamic justice for my murdered daughter, and we will not bury the victim until these men are prosecuted” said the victims mother.

Somalia is experiencing an increase in mass rape committed by soldiers, often targeting young girls, with families of the victims rarely receiving justice.

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