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Somalia says no khat importation from Kenya

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somalia confirmed that it will continue the ban on khat imports from Kenya, despite the resumption of diplomatic ties with East Africa nation.

The Somali Civil Aviation Authority said on Sunday that the government’s ban on the leafy stimulant is still in effect.

“The transfer of heritage without permission from SCAA will be considered an illegal act and a violation of the Somali Airspace,” he said.

Somalia banned khat importation from Kenya last year after relations between the two countries collapsed.

Khat from Ethiopia can still enter Somalia.

Following the soaring of the ties between Somalia and Kenyan, Somali government put ban on the stimulant leafy.

According to sources, Somalia earlier demanded to export Kenya goods including fish, rice, sugar, honey, meat and milk in exchange of Khat from Kenya.

Somalia announced last week that it had resumed diplomatic relations with Kenya following the intervention of Qatar.

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