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Somalia: Several Al-Shabaab leaders surrender to government forces

KISMAYU (SD)-Reports from the Lower Juba region indicate that several officials from the Al-Shabaab group have surrendered to the government forces and the Jubaland administration forces after Al-Shabaab was expelled from new areas in the region.

The Somali government’s news agency reported that four Al-Shabaab officials, who were responsible for the Buulo-xaaji area, recently surrendered to government forces.

These officials included the Emir of Buulo-xaaji, the head of finance for the area, the head of intelligence, and another individual in charge of collecting the tax known as Sakaad for Al-Shabaab.

Government forces and the Jubaland administration forces expelled Al-Shabaab from Buulo-xaaji in the Lower Juba region a few days ago and are currently conducting operations to secure the area’s safety.

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