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Somalia: US Embassy Releases Statement on Fighting in Bossaso

Mogadishu (SD) – The US Embassy in Mogadishu has called for an end to the fighting that broke out today in the eastern city of Bossaso between the PSF and Puntland forces.

The US Embassy has issued a statement on it’s twitter account, calling for dialogue and resolving any differences.

The statement, posted on the embassy’s Twitter account, also said the situation in Bossaso was unacceptable and that all parties needed to find a peaceful solution.

“We urge an immediate end to hostilities in Bossaso and a return to dialogue to find a negotiated, peaceful resolution. Continued fighting will only inflict further harm on Bossaso and its people.” The US Embassy posted.

Heavy fighting broke out in the port city of Bossaso today, between Puntland forces and US-trained anti-al-Shabaab and anti-ISIS forces.

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