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Somalia’s Candidates oppose the election process, demanding six points

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s Council of Presidential Candidates, in a released statement, has warned of dire consequences in the run-up to the lower house elections, which they said could lead to civil strife.

The presidential candidates expressed concern over the election delays, they demanded a unified election schedule with a clear start and completion dates.

The Council of candidates suggested that the traditional elders be independent and allowed to select the delegations, so that the candidates can freely compete for the seats of the House of the People of the People.

“The leaders of the regional administrations have independently selected candidates and run the elections of the upper house. The Somali people and the international community witnessed the debacle that took place.” said the statement from the Council of Somali Presidential Candidates.

The Council of candidates issued a six point statement regarding the election of the House of the People, with the union expressing concern over the delay in the election schedule, and to have civil society and the international community monitor, to ensure the efficiency of the election.

The Council urged prime minister Mohammed Hussein to lead the country according to the constitution and hold an independent free and fair elections.

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