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Somalia’s electoral dispute among Northern politicians still lingering

Mogadishu (SD) – Conflict over who will oversee the election process of the northern parliamentary MPs remains, as the Upper House elections are days away.

The Northern Electoral Commission has split into two, with 7 members loyal to Deputy PM Mahdi Guled and four members loyal to Upper House Speaker Abdi Hashi’s faction.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has said yesterday that his government will soon resolve the dispute between politicians in the northern regions over election issues.

Roble said he had been tasked with resolving the political dispute and was in talks with Upper House Chairman Abdi Hashi and Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled to find a solution.

“I want to inform the Somali people about the progress made about the Northern election process. We are in talks with politicians. The issue of the North has been entrusted to me. According to the agreements reached in the elections, a solution will be reached, in consultation with Chairman Abdi Hashi and Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled, ”said Roble.

Recently, lawmakers from the northern regions affiliated with Abdi Hashi, accused Prime Minister Roble of failing to deliver on his promises and in fulfilling his responsibilities for the smooth running of the National electoral process.

Finally, the Prime Minister of the Somali Federal Government Mohamed Hussein Roble, said that the process of resolving the political crisis is well under way.

The Federalist Politicians from the northern regions led by the Speaker of the Upper House Abdi Hashi and Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled are currently at loggerheads over parliamentary elections.

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