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Somalia’s ISIS leader seen for the first time

Mogadishu July 21,2019(SDN)-The Islamic insurgent group of ISIS  has published a new image of their Leader of Somalia and its Fighters.

It is not known when and where he was filmed, Abdiqadir Muumin, who was seen quoting suggestions to the group’s fighters.

One of the things that he was saying is that he has been expecting a long surge of attacks from Somali government forces and US air strikes in the areas where the group is hiding.

In the new image of ISIS Somalia chapter Abdulkadir Mumin, was heard pledging his support for the leader of the Jihadist  Abubakar Al-Baghdadi. The ISIS Somali leader also said his fighters came from different cities around the world.

Abdulkadir Mumin was to be dead after deadly air raids in the mountains he was hiding, his deputy, however, did not survive the attacks.

The Somali ISIS’s new visual seems to be recoded at mountainous regions.

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