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Somaliland: 4 killed in explosives

Berbera (SD) – Somaliland’s Berbera regional administration and police officials confirmed that four people have recently been killed by landmines that city.

The landmines were exposed by heavy rains in recent months in Berbera. Authorities warned against hitting or even touching these mines and other explosives exposed by the rains.

Somaliland regions are plagued by landmines planted by Siyad barre’s forces during the country’s civil war.

The deputy police chief of Sahil region Jama Jagag said that there is a lot of danger surrounding the community in Sahil region where children are often harmed, specially kids, confirming the death of four people recently killed by landmines, warning the public to stay away from them.

For the past three decades, there have been internationally funded demining projects in Somaliland, it seems that there needs to be a lot more work done.

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