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Somaliland: Al Shabaab Leader and 600 militants inter Las Anod

Hargeisa September 10, 2023 (SD) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland has stated a precarious situation in the city of Laascaanood in the Sool region, which recently saw clashes erupt between the forces of that administration.

In a statement issued by the Ministry, they indicated that more than 600 armed militants led by Fu’ad Mohamed Qalaf (Shangole), a prominent figure associated with al-Shabaab, had recently infiltrated the region.

“The Somaliland government has shown significant concern, previously demonstrated to the international community and various peacekeeping organizations, as these incidents pose a threat to the stability of both the society and the nation. The escalation of violence is not only affecting the peace of Laascaanood but also poses a risk to neighboring regions, undermining regional security,” said the press release.

Somaliland has pledged to take swift measures to address the deteriorating situation and restore peace to the affected areas.

News comes just weeks after Somaliland says it withdrew its troops from the vicinity of Las Anod.

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