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Somaliland: all the international efforts in Somalia failed

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s Deputy Foreign Minister and Acting Minister Liban Yusuf Osman said the world has invested heavily in the Somalia while ignoring Somaliland.

Elaborating on a recent statement issued by his ministry on the political crisis in Somalia, Minister Liban said the Somali government and opposition had failed to agree on two years for free elections.

Minister Liban detailed his ministry’s recent statement on the political crisis in Somalia, adding that Somali government and opposition have failed to agree on free elections.

Minister Liban instead said that Somaliland had held various elections with one person and one vote and that the international community needed to pay attention.

“They have been arguing for the last two years over free elections, with hundreds of people voting for the president. While in Somaliland, there have been several elections with one person and one vote, ”said Minister Liban.

“Now, Somaliland will hold a series of early elections,” the minister added.
The acting foreign minister said the world had invested money and energy in Somalia, but nothing had changed.

“The world has invested its energy and money in Mogadishu, which has so far made no progress, in terms of state-building, security and elections,” said Minister Liban.

The acting minister’s statement comes as his ministry recently issued a letter denouncing the political rift between the Somali federal government, regional administration leaders and the opposition.

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