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Somaliland Businesses Donate $8 Million to Waaheen Disaster Relief

HARGEISA (SD) – The Somaliland presidency held an iftar dinner last night to raise funds for the tragedy that took place at Waheen market in Hargeisa.

A statement from the presidential palace said the iftar ceremony raised $ 8 million in donations from various businesses.

Somaliland’s Minister of Religion and Awqaf, who chairs the fundraising committee, said the government had deposited about $ 2,530,000 in the Waaheen market fund.

He added that funds from neighboring countries had been deposited in the Waheen market fundraising committee account.

Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi, who hosted the iftar dinner, said they would continue their efforts until the needed $2 billion is raised, thanking everyone who helped with the relief effort.

The Somali federal government has sent $ 12.7 million to the Waheen market emergency committee in Hargeisa.

Fundraising is also underway in many parts of the the region and in the diaspora to help those who have lost their property in the fire.

The mayor of Hargeisa, Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge, said the damage to the Waheen market was estimated at $ 2 billion.

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