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Somaliland: Chairs of Sub-Committees of the House Announced

Hargeisa (SD) – The Speaker of the House of Representatives, who has been working on the formation of sub-committees of the House, have today announced the Lists and the members of each committee.

These committees, which will each carry out important work, and will be headed by MPs, consist of 10 committees.

The formation of this committees were overshadowed by heated debates during the selection process and their establishment, as MP’s were promised which committee they would head during the campaign.

Foreign Affairs, the economic, the Standing, the Assets Monitoring, the Interior and Security, Law, Justice and Human Rights Subcommittees will be chaired mostly likely be chaired by the opposition MP’s.

The Speaker asked the appointed MP’s to elected the chairs of these committees.

The newly-appointed committees are expected to address sensitive issues before the newly elected House of Representatives.

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