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Somaliland: Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives announces his resignation from Kulmiye party

Hargeisa (SD) – Ahmed Yassin Sheikh Ali Ayanle, the first deputy speaker of Somaliland’s house of representatives, has officially announced his resignation from the ruling Kulmiye party,.

The deputy said in a statement issued today, that after a lengthy discussion he resigned from his membership at the ruling party.

“I am Mr. Ahmed Yasin Sh. Ali Ayanle First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, I would like to inform all the people of the Republic of Somaliland, after much deliberation that I and my supporters have decided to join the Wadani Party which is to be announce on Tuesday 16 February 2021.” Said the statement from Ahmed Yasin Ayanle.

The decision of the first deputy speaker of the Somaliland house of representatives generated lots of discussion on social media sites.

The deputy speaker of the House of representatives did not explain why he left Kulmiye, but members of Awdal region have previously expressed their dissatisfaction to President Bihi with the proportion of members of parliament, which was not addressed.

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