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Somaliland Electoral Commission Tells government officials running in the upcoming elections to Resign

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s Electoral Commission in a statement calls on candidates current holding public office to vacate their posts permanently.

A statement from the Electoral Commission’s office said the time has come and gone for candidates holding government posts to relinquish their positions.

“As we all know, the forthcoming parliamentary and local elections are scheduled for May 31, the elections laws requires candidates to vacate their national institution positions.” Said the statement.

Somaliland’s ruling party Kulmiye has government officials running in the upcoming local and parliamentary elections in the country.

“The Electoral Law, Law No. 91/2020, stipulates that civil servants, the national army and government agencies will not be allowed to run for office unless they have resigned 90 days before the election.” Said the NEC statement.

The statement from the Electoral Commission also said that the use of national assets in elections is also prohibited.

The statement comes as opposition parties filed complaints against nominated government officials and the use of national assets with the election committee.

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