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Somaliland executes four Soldier, releases two from death row

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland today caried out an execution of four Somaliland soldiers convicted of various murder charges by the country’s military courts.

The soldiers executed by a firing squad, were found guilty in killing civilians in some parts of Somaliland.

Two other men sentenced to death by a Somaliland court, and were scheduled to be executed, were let go after relatives of deceased had a change of heart.

The two men, who were tied to a pole for execution, were released after the relatives of the men who they killed said they would take compensation, and the two convicted murderers were untied.

One of the two men released today was a pirate from Somalia, he shot dead a prison guard at Hargeisa Prison, during an attempted jail break. The second man was a Somaliland soldier who had earlier killed a relative in Las Anod.

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