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Somaliland: Health Minister Denies Corruption of Covid-19 funds

Hargeisa (SD) – Minister of Health Development of the Republic of Somaliland Omar Ali Abdillahi reported on the measures taken by the national Covid-19 control committee.

Speaking to the media in Hargeisa, the Minister highlighted the importance of the measures taken to prevent coronavirus infection, by the Covid-19 Prevention Committee when social restrictions were placed during the rapid onset of the disease.

Somaliland’s health minister has dismissed allegations made by some members of the opposition against the commission, adding four different funds were set up at time to combat the virus.

One of the funds were for the prevention and control of the disease, which was planned to cost $ 1.5 million and was used for equipment, treatment, awareness and medical services for the victims.

The second fund was a joint venture between the business community and the government to support many people affected by the disease and distribute food rations across the country.

Also, the Minister elaborated on the fund for small business owners affected by Coronavirus infection, and a fund to support farmers, which he said were not used up yet. Clarifying that anyone who needs to see how the funds were distributed could request that information.

Members of the opposition parties have accused the government of mismanaging the budget meant to combat the Covid- 19 virus

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