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Somaliland: Ministry of Employment launches Covid 19 social welfare program

Hargeisa (SD) – The Somaliland Ministry of Employment, Social and Family Affairs has launched the Covid 19 Poverty Alleviation Program in Hargeisa.

Somaliland’s Minister of Employment, Social Affairs and Family Affairs, Mustafe Godane Ali Bile, also said that cash payments to low-income families were too low, but it is better than nothing and they hope to increase this kind of money to give to the poor community affected by Covid 19.

The Director General of the Ministry of Employment, Social and Family Affairs in Somaliland, Abdirashid Ibrahim Sheikh Abdirahman, said that the project was supported by the German government.

He confirmed the beneficiaries of the project are in Las Anod, Burao, Hargeisa and Wajale receiving cash to recover from the effects of Covid 19, which has led to a decline in their economy.

Awale Mohamed Muse, director of the social affairs department, said the program is benefiting 1160 poor families in Somaliland and has had an economic impact on Covid 19.

Director General of the Ministry of National Planning Ahmed Ismail, said the needs of the poor affected by the coronavirus were even greater and that international agencies and governments should set up similar projects to support the poor.

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