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Somaliland: MP’s scrutinize Government Distribution of Local Government Subsidies

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland House of Representatives yesterday focused on the Ministry of Finance’s approach to the local government budget and the central government’s distribution of subsidies to the country’s urban municipalities, in an ongoing debate on the 2021 annual budget.

Lawmakers who took part in the debate, citing the Ministry of Finance’s budget handbook distributed to councilors, said the government’s subsidy scheme for local governments violates the country’s Regional and District Administration Act.

Lawmaker Abdillahi Hussein Egeh (Balaki), one of the MPs who took part in the debate, said “The budgetary book that was brought to us violates the State and Local Government Act No. 23/2019 Article 89, paragraph 2, and what has been brought to us is a list, so I suggest that the budget be brought in line with the law. ”

Wadani opposition party secretary general Khadar Hussein has previously made public the gaps and the lopsidedness of the country’s district budgets. And called on the lawmakers to apply the country’s budget laws.

Lawmaker Abdirahman Yusuf Artan also said, “This is the legislature, If the laws we passed are not taken into account and the budget is just tabled, and we are expected to pass a Local Government Budget that does not follow the law, then nothing matters”.

The local government budget presented by the Somaliland government has caused a lot of complaints about the distribution of district subsidy budget in some areas.

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