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Somaliland: Opposition Parties Condemn Torture of Journalist Hoodo Gareys and Her Mother

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland opposition party officials visited separately the home of journalist Hoodo Gareys and her mother who were tortured by police last Friday at a Police station in the capital.

Opposition parties in Somaliland have called on the Somaliland government to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Wadani party officials who visited the victims, called on the judiciary to provide justice to journalists and her mother, also highlighting the need for a law to restrain the Police force.

Xisbiga Wadani oo Booqday Wariye Hargeysa lagu Jidhdilay iyo Qoyskooda (Hoodo  Garays). - YouTube

“Our police force needs to be made aware of the fact that the police are the public servants. The police should also be informed that they should not harm anyone, but should protect citizens and their property.” Said Wadani party secretary of social affairs Mohamed Sadiq Dhamme.

The secretaries of justice and education of the Wadani party also said that the perpetrators should be brought to justice, and accused the commander of the Somaliland police force of failing in his duty to the nation.

The UCID party has also condemned police misconduct in the community to the media, specifically, Hoodo Gareys situation.

“We condemn the torture of journalist Hoodo Gareys and her mother by the police, no law or custom allows anyone to hit let alone torture a woman” said UCID information secretary Yusuf Keyse.

Journalist Hoodo Gareys and her mother, who also spoke to the media, said that if the police did not respond to their complaints, they would would be forced to take personal steps.

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