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Somaliland Police Chief we cannot co-operate with Somalia

HARGEISA (SD) -The Somaliland Police Chief, Mohamed Aden Dabagale, discussed the relationship between the security task forces of the government of Somalia and Somaliland.

He publicized that there is no cooperation between the security forces of Somalia and Somaliland, and the other security forces Somaliland has ties with is Ethiopia.

“Until we come to an agreement on our political differences with Somalia; there can not be any collaborations or relationships formed between the security forces of Somaliland and Somalia,” said Mohamed Dabagale.

Somaliland’s security forces are currently cooperating and exchanging security information with all neighboring countries except the Somalia’s federal government, due to political differences between the two sides.

Somaliland declared their independence from Somalia in 1991, and have been managing and operating their security matters without the assistance of Somalia.

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