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Somaliland: Police issues an incomplete report on the crimes committed this year

Hargeisa November 04, 2022 (SD) – Somaliland Police Command today released this year’s crime report saying that 27,801 crimes have been registered, including murders, rapes, accidents, abandoned children, drug trafficking, and others.

Chief of Operations of the Police Force Brigadier General Ibrahim Abdi Haji Mohamud presented the details at an event held for the 29th anniversary of the establishment of the Somaliland Police Force.

He said that 5,565 of the registered crimes this year were made up and lacked evidence.

While 11,320 crimes were resolved by mutual agreement, the rest 10,916 were settled by the courts decisions and 540 crimes are still under investigation.

60 people were deliberately Murdered in 2022, 49 of the murderers were arrested, while 11 accused killers are on the run and have warrants for their arrest.

266 registered rapes were committed in 2022 by 280 accused, some of whom were gang rapes. He said that 240 accused rapists were arrested and 40 are on the run.

In Somaliland, 15 people were arrested for terrorism this year, 13 of them were taken to court, 4 of them were convicted, 9 are awaiting sentence, and the remaining 2 are under investigation.

This year’s report also included crimes related to drug trafficking and other acts against Islam.

This year’s report did not include the killings and illegal actions committed by the police, against the opposition supporters, especially during the August pro-democracy protests held in Somaliland.

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