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Somaliland police spokesman addresses the death of a woman at a minister’s home

Hargeisa (SD) – The Somaliland government gave details about a woman killed at the house of Somaliland’s minister of planning Hassan Gafaadhi.

The killing of the woman, made sensational headlines on social media in last couple of days, it has been described as a misrepresentation of the truth and baseless by the government.

Somaliland police spokesman Faisal Hiis Elmi told reporters at the command headquarters today, that the killing was not linked to the son of the minister, but the victim was killed at his home after she was attacked by a man whom she had an affair.

Faisal Hiis said the deceased, identified as Nastexo Ismail Adan, was beaten by the assailant while she was alone in the house, she was alone at home when he attacked her and struck with an ax.

“The killer murdered the girl out of jealousy, as he was in love with the deceased, he came house and hit her with an ax in the back of the head twice,” said Faisal Hiis.

He added: “After the incident, the police launched a massive operation and went to the killer’s residence, removing an ax and a knife and a bloody t-shirt.”

Video of the relatives of the slain woman have been widely circulated on social media, linking her death to the son of Hassan Gafaadhi, Somaliland’s planning minister.

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