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Northern region’s Poll committee releases list of senate candidates

MOGADISHU (SD) – Northern region’s (Somaliland) Somali elections team (SIET) has today released list of candidates vying for senate seats allocated to Somaliland.

Outgoing Senate Speaker Abdi Hashi and Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled presented the list to PM Mohamed Hussein Roble, according to  statement by the office of the PM.

Hashi who is in the list will automatically retain his Senate seat as he is the only candidate in his category.  

Below is the list:

Seat 1:

Abdi Hashi Abdullahi 

Seat two: 

Ahmed Mohamed Qorane

Bashe Ahmed Ismail 

Seat three: 

Leyla Ahmed Ismail

Mohamed Mohamud Abdi 

Seat four:

Deeqa Hassan Hussein

Hodan Abokor Hassan 

Seat five

Prof Mohamed Mohamud Allabari

Prof Abdi Ismail Samatar 

Abdirahman Osman Ali 

Seat six:

Bilal Idrish Abdullahi 

Saynab Ahmed Boqore 

Seat seven: 

Salah Ahmed Jamah 

Ibrahim Idle Saleban 

Seat eight:

Saiid Abdi Hussein

Jamah Abdullahi 

Seat nine: 

Abdirizaq Ahmed Ali

Hassan Abdi Gaas 

Ahmed Mohamed 

Seat 10: 

Osman Abokor Dube

Abdikariim Mohamed Hassan 

Seat 11: 

Muna Omar Hassan

Naima Hassan Mohamud 

Suad Hassan Mohamed

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