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Somaliland: President Bihi informs the IC no troop withdrawal from Laascaanood and no presidential elections

Hargeisa April 15, 2023 (SD) – The President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, held a video conference meeting today with International diplomats in Somalia. The meeting discussed the situation in the city of Las Anod and how to achieve peace and implement the dismissed elections in Somaliland.

The Somaliland government issued a statement regarding the meeting, and dismissed the diplomat’s suggestions to remove its troops from Laascaanood and to hold the delayed presidential elections.


The President of the Republic of Somaliland, Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi, today held a video conference with ambassadors, deputy ambassadors, and diplomats from countries such as Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the representative of the European Union, and the meeting discussed the situation in the city of Laascaanood to reach a peaceful solution and the upcoming elections in Somaliland.

Firstly, the President briefed the attendees on the steps taken by the government to address the security and stability issues in Laascaanood, including:-

  1. The government has sent a delegation of ministers to the town of Laascaanood to resolve the issue of Laascaanood and open a dialogue with the traditional leaders, The traditional leaders rejected it.
  2. The government has given unconditional permission for the traditional leaders who have been absent for a long time to enter the city to be part of bringing peace to the city. Unfortunately, they entered the city with another government’s flag, weapons and troops, and made the situation worse.
  3. The government approved the meeting called by the Laascaanood Garaads, which the government considered to be part of the peace efforts, but the meeting turned out to be against the Somaliland and the peace that Laascaanood has been enjoying for the past fifteen years.
  4. The government has decided to remove all the forces of the Republic of Somaliland from the city of Laascaanood, in order to reduce losses.
  5. The government called for an unconditional ceasefire, following the Garaads call for war against Somaliland.
  6. The government welcomed the efforts of other traditional leaders of Somaliland who took it upon themselves to discuss the peace of Laascaanood with the Garaads, who stayed in Oog for a while, and later returned to Hargeisa, when no one would talk to them.
  7. The government has welcomed the mediation conducted by the Ethiopian government between the traditional leaders of Somaliland and the Elders of Laascaanood, but were dismissed by the Garaads.

The ambassadors, deputies, and diplomats thanked the President of Somaliland for attending this meeting and suggested if it is possible to push the government forces out of Laascaanood.

The President counter-proposed to the Diplomats that the Puntland Administration first withdraw from the city of Laascaanood, their army, weapons, and tanks, which are mixed with the Somaliland people in Laascaanood, and that is the reason why the National Army of the Republic of Somaliland has not attacked the city of Laascaanood until today. And when the Puntland administration leaves the borders of Somaliland, the government of Somaliland and its people will be ready to discuss their interests.

Also, the President informed the Ambassadors that the forces of the Puntland Regional Government of Somalia, aim to create tribal boundaries that will affect other countries in Africa. He added that Somaliland must defend its borders, as other countries in the world must defend their borders.

Finally, the President briefed the ambassadors on Election Affairs, telling them that the government has already prepared the expenses related to the elections and that the responsibility of conducting the elections is entrusted to the National Elections Commission.

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