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Somaliland seals project deals with three European countries

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland government will soon get funds to improve infrastructure and boost economic growth thanks to four deals inked with three European countries.

In a statement, Somaliland government said part of projects will upgrade the road between the Somaliland’s second-largest city, Burao, and the port of Berbera.

According to the agreement which had been under process since mid last year, the projects will include construction of 82km of all-weather asphalt and resurfacing of bridges.

The agreement will also provide funds to renew drainage to benefit 50,000 regular road users and boost trade in livestock, agriculture and fish.

The projects which will have “catalytic effects” on Somaliland’s economic development will also see the Hargeisa Water Agency extract 4,000 extra cubic metres of water a day from the the town’s one of the aquifers.

“This project will allow HWA to extract an additional 4,000 m3 of water each day from Laasdhure aquifer. This project will increase the water available in Hargeisa by more than 20%, to 23,000m3 per day – enough to meet the needs of an additional 200,000 people,” the statement reads.

According to the agreements, the project will improve the agricultural production of small farmers through soil and water conservation, research, extension and farmer training.

The project will target the agricultural areas of Durdur Ad Upper Catchment in Awdal and Maroodijeh Upper Catchment in Maroodijeh.

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