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Somaliland: Somalia Partnership Forum doesn’t concern us

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland has appealed to the international community, reiterating that it is an independent state from Somalia and the conferences for Somalia do not concern them.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland, Prof. Yassin Haji Mohamud Hiir (Faraton) called on the international community to recognize Somaliland’s independence, as it has moved beyond tribalism and implemented a multi-party system.

Minister Faraton spoke to Geeska Africa newspaper about the impact of the Somali Partners Forum in Mogadishu.

“Somaliland will never negotiate its independence. It is a country with a system of government, a flag with the monotheism of God, a freely elected president with a complete government,” he said, adding that his administration had nothing to do with the conference.

The Somalia Partners Forum between Somalia and the International Community was held in Mogadishu yesterday, with the participation of SFG and regional leaders.

He said Somaliland had the right to be granted international recognition and was hopeful it would receive it, noting that they were working to do so.

“We call on the international community to take into account the aspirations of our people and our government, because the existence of Somaliland did not just come, but the people voted for it,” said Minister Faraton.

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