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Somaliland spent $2 million dollars a day at Goojacade fighting

HARGEISA (SD) -The Somaliland government has stated that they have spent 2 million dollars a day during the recent conflict in Goojacade.

Sacad Cali Shirre, the Minister of Finance of Somaliland, who appeared before the Parliamentary Finance Committee, explained that this significant amount of money was used during the siege of Goojacade.

“During the Goojacadde siege, we spent a total of 2 million dollars, and I wanted to inform you about the losses and expenses incurred when a conflict arises. It is an essential and legitimate expense,” Minister Shirre said.

The minister was responding to questions about the recent clash involving the Somaliland forces and those of SSC-Khatumo at Goojacadde. He emphasized that the government has yet to fully determine the extent of the losses and expenses incurred during the conflict.

“The events that have occurred are not yet fully understood. It is similar to what happened in Qaza, where no ne expected Hamas to attacked Israel, and kill a thousand people,” Shire added.

Following the 8 month conflict in Las Anod, the Somaliland forces were defeated in Goojacade and were force to retreat to Oog on August 25, 2023.

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