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Somaliland supreme court upholds decree to expand political parties

Hargeisa (SD) –  Somaliland’s Supreme Court on Sunday upheld Somaliland government’s decree to register more polical parties in the country.

In a verdict issued today, the court has termed  President Muse Bihi’s December decree to authorize the registration of new political associations after the constitutional terms of current parties expired. 

According to the verdict and the decree, the registration of the political parties will start in May 2022.

The verdict comes barely a month after MPs in Somaliland parliament engaged in a scuffle following the announcement by the government that it would be allowing the registration of more political parties.

The opposition UCID and Waddani opposed the amendment tabled by information minister Saleban Ali Koore allowing the registration of new political parties.

Only three parties, UCID, Waddani and the ruling Kulmiye are allowed by law to exist.

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