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Somaliland troops reach Adhicadeye to mediate Waring clan militias

Adhicadeye (SD) Tensions remain high in Adhicadeye region of Sool region, where clashes broke out between two clan militias in the area yesterday afternoon, according to local residents.

One fighter was wounded in the fighting this afternoon, according to sources in the region.

Conflict between the two clans has reportedly resurfaced following a land dispute in the area causing militias from both sides to possibly clash again.

The militias of the two clans are still in the area, in the mean time, Somaliland forces have reached there to intervene. but the two clans reportedly lacked confidence in the troops.

Sool region has been plagued by inter-clan clashes in recent years. which have recurred on several occasions although some conflicts have been resolved peacefully.

The Sool regional government is yet to address the possible flair up between the communities.

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